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“I think the world has gotten smaller in many ways because of social media, the internet etc., and artists from all around are able to show, be inspired by, and have their work appreciated by people all around the world regardless of geography. While I'm proud of my Asian background and inherent sensibilities, it's hard for me to pinpoint how much of a conscious influence it has been on me.  I was born and raised in the United States so that has a lot to do with the way I experience the world as well.  I will say, that the characters in my paintings are inevitably a reflection of me, and because I'm Korean-American, then my art looks Korean-American too. Although my work has been included in this ‘Pop Surrealism’ genre, it's not necessarily wholly defined by it.  I would say my work is more narrative and is moving more and more toward abstraction.  I think it will keep changing for the rest of my art career, hopefully. It's a personal expression that hopefully has universality in its themes. I believe that form should follow function, but I also appreciate art for art's sake”.


- Seonna Hong.


Seonna Hong (born 1973) is a contemporary Los Angeles-based artist.  Hong was born and raised in Southern California. She graduated with a B.A. in Art from Cal State University Long Beach and continued to hone her craft teaching art to children. Her paintings have appeared in exhibitions such as 2016    In Our Nature- Hashimoto Contemporary- San Francisco- CA, 2015    If You Lived Here I'd Be Home by Now- Jonathan Levine Gallery- New York- NY, 2012    Persistence of Vision- LeBasse Projects- Culver City- CA, and a lot more.

“Narrative and often autobiographical images that represent children in natural landscapes, surrounded by animals and sometimes surreal objects, classify Seonna Hong among interesting artist on LA artistic scene. Her unusual approach reflects her personal ongoings and representing children she actually depicts a version of herself. She enjoys in transforming things into something entirely different by putting them into another context. Little girls, gramophones, bears and zebras live in the world of yellow fields, purple mountains and orange sky. Playing with her own imagination, Hong creates vivid images encouraging the viewer to recall his childhood memory and play with her characters”. (widewalls extract).

Images and text courtesy of Seonna Hong.


Una mirada auténtica sobre la subcultura.
(an authentic look about subculture >


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